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Player Safety

  1. Volunteer Background Checks
    • All coaches and volunteers involved in MASA need to complete and pass a State Police Criminal Record Check and a PA Child Abuse History Clearance. For those individuals who have not resided in PA continuously for the previous 10 years they must also complete and pass an FBI Criminal Background Check. The paperwork indicating a passed check then needs uploaded to the Affinity registration system for review and approval of the docs and clearance of the volunteer in the Affinity system.
    • Step by step background check instructions are in the Coaches Corner

  2. Concussions and Headers

  3. Inclement Weather - Thunder/Lightning

  4. Goal Safety
    • Sand bags must always be in place to anchor the back bottom bar of the goal—high winds can, and have, knocked goals over
    • Coaches and Parents: DO NOT allow players or siblings to hang from the goals—they will tip!!
    • Coaches and Parents: DO NOT allow players or siblings to "climb the nets" on the goals—they will tip!!

  5. Player Equipment, Jewelry, Casts
    • All players are required to wear shin guards. Shin guards need to be completely covered by socks
    • Soccer cleats are highly suggested, but tennis shoes or indoor flats or treads are also permitted at the younger ages. BASEBALL CLEATS are strictly prohibited.
    • Players should not wear loose jewelry, necklaces, bracelets. Earrings need removed prior to practices and games
    • Arm casts are permitted if they are soft. Hard casts need covered with bubble wrap