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Club/Cup Soccer

Club/Cup Soccer is the next level of soccer above Travel soccer. Unlike Travel, which is community-based, club teams are formed with players across different communities/school districts. Club teams play in the Classic League—Divisions 1, 2, and 3.

Club soccer is separate from MASA and MASA does not endorse any one program, but MASA has many players that participate in different club organizations and, as such, is providing information regarding the various club programs in the region for players that want to progress to the next level of training and competition and further their development.

Club tryouts are typically held in early June for the subsequent Fall/Spring season. Clubs will practice twice per week in Spring and Fall and typically offer Winter training. Games are played on Saturdays. Most clubs attend 1-2 tournaments (age dependent) in both the Fall and Spring. Players can try out for any program, but due to varying costs and the logistics of attending practices and games, most players gravitate toward a club that is both logistically and financially feasible. When deciding on a club, contact the director and ask to attend a few training sessions with the coach and team for the relevant age group. Talk to the coach. Talk to other families that are involved in the program. Consider feedback from others about the club and the club/coach's reputation, but, remember, no one club is the best fit for every player. It's usually best to match the player to the coach that best meets your individual player's needs and philosophy of player development.

Below are the club soccer programs in the Pittsburgh area along with their general location. Clubs with an asterisk have Moon players currently rostered on one or more teams. Click on the logo or club name to go directly to their website.

  Allegheny Force (AFFC)   East - Irwin, New Kensington, Plum         Northern Steel   North - Butler
Arsenal * East - Penn Hills, Plum, Fox Chapel, Wexford Pittsburgh Football Club (PFC) South
Beadling * South, East, North Riverhounds * Pittsburgh
Century * South, East, North, West SCS United *
Stars United
+ PA Crew
North - Cranberry
FC Pittsburgh * West - Sewickley Steel Town Magic South
Hotspurs * East - Cheswick Victory Express * South - Washington