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All Volunteer Positions are required to have a background check completed in the registration system.  In addition all volunteers must be registered for the team they are working with.

For instructions for obtaining a background check

At least one coach is required for every team MASA organizes. Coaches are responsible for planning and running practices, as well as, organizing their team for games. MASA and PA West provide opportunities for coaches to obtain various levels of training. We will help you advance your skills as you move up the age group levels with the children. Patience and an ability to work with kids are highly recommended attributes for anyone interested in coaching.

Assistant Coach
The assistant coach helps the coach as needed with the training and running of a specific team. Our U6 program needs a minimum of 2 coaches per team since game days consist of two simultaneous games on adjacent fields.

Team Parent
Team parents assist the coaches with the administrative aspects of a team. Duties of a team parent may include creating and overseeing the snack schedule, organizing any team parties or season ending awards events, or simply helping the coach communicate with the team's parents and players.

Referees are the only "volunteers" within MASA who actually get paid. Referees are licensed by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) after taking required training and passing a test about the laws of the game. Training classes are usually held every winter. We are always interested and in need of new referees. Referees must be at least 12 years of age prior to the start of the season and hold a USSF certificate. Referees are responsible for ensuring games are safe and fair. At the younger age levels (U10 and below to U8), MASA also uses referees to assist the young players in learning the laws of the game of soccer.

Public Relations
We need help on a periodic basis with creating and organizing a club newsletter, data entry, getting notices and/or announcements published in the local press, and getting flyers into the local schools. If you have been at all frustrated with the communications from MASA (or the lack there of), please volunteer to pitch in! 

Board Member
MASA is an entirely volunteer run organization. The MASA Board of Directors administer, manage, preserve and protect the property of MASA. The board will meet once a month or at the discretion of the President.

The board of directors shall consist of a minimum of twelve (12) directors and a maximum of fifteen (15) directors (the actual number to be determined from time to time by a resolution of the Board of Directors). The terms of the directors may be up to (3) years as determined from time to time by the board of directors and may be divided into classes to the extent practical such that approximately one-third of the directors shall be selected each year; provided, however, that the directors, who also serve as President and Vice President, shall not all be in the same class.